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Rosehip + Cacao Mineral Mud Mask

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An antioxidant rich blend of rosehip, cacao, and ancient mineral mud, creates a decadent mask that helps to repair, tone, and hydrate your face and body. Wrap yourself in the nourishing minerals, vitamins, and botanicals, rich in powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging benefits, for a luxurious and healing experience. A perfect skin care treat for your face and body, leaving you with a rejuvenated appearance. Ideal for normal, dry, mature, damaged, or sensitive skin, the soothing ingredients promote healthy renewal and restoration of skin cells, for a more radiant, youthful complexion. Bring a full body spa experience to your home, with the Rosehip & Cacao Mineral Mud Mask.

SIZE: 180g jar

SKIN TYPE: Normal, dry, mature

Dead Sea Mineral Mud
French Pink Clay
Cacao Powder*
Rosehip Fruit Extract
Vegetable Glycerin
Natural Eco-Preservative
Rose Generium Leaf Oil*
Vitamin E
*Certified Organic Ingredients.
Apply a thin layer of mud evenly over clean face and body. Leave mud on skin for 15 minutes until it feels dry. Rinse off with warm water, using a facecloth to remove excess mud. Finish with a moisturising body product.
* First Time using this product:  patch test before use .

USE: Weekly for face and body

PRO TIP: Run yourself a warm bath, portion out the amount of mud mask needed into a small dish. Use the face mask whilst soaking in the tub. Use a dark coloured face cloth to remove the mud mask from your skin. Follow with Forever Young Facial Serum and Evening Rose Facial Cream.

BODY MUD WRAP: Apply a thin layer of mineral mud to the body, wrap body in plastic wrap, and wrap in warm blankets. Leave on for 15- 20 minutes. Shower off product using a dark coloured face cloth to remove all the mud. Apply Rose & Lavender Whipped Body Butter.

CAUTION: This mud mask is packed full of pure active ingredients, and you may feel a slight tingling on your skin as the mask is working hard to cleanse, tighten, tone and restore skin. Like all skin products patch test before use. If you feel burning or irritation discontinue use. Avoid eyes and mouth area.
PINK SKINCARE LINE: Cleanse, rejuvenate, restore + hydrate

Customer Reviews

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Rosehip + Cacao Mineral Mud Mask

Always with the smell!

After using this product is like new skin on my ahem, aging skin. Plus, as always the smell will leave you feeling like a queen.

Amanda Cryer

Mineral mud mask makes me melt.
Okay, it makes my skin glow, too. This stuff smells good and feels good! My sensitive face is so soft and hydrated after an evening with this mud and the rosehip serum, it's unreal. A little lip balm after, and, shhhhhh, spa night complete. ❤️ This. 5 ⭐, totally recommend, will buy again.

Love me some Mud Mask

This mask is the bomb 💥My face feels so rejuvenated after the mud mask. I have always had such dry skin on my face that after the mask it feels so hydrated♥️