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Facial Accessory Spa Set

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Rose Quartz : PINK
Jade : GREEN
Treat yourself to a luxury spa facial at home complete with these facial care accessories. The Facial Roller and Gua Sha Facial Massage Set provide a gentle, soothing massage and reduces the appearance of puffiness and redness. Gua Sha stones can be used to gently massage the face and aid in skin care product absorption. Select from Rose Quartz or Jade Stone for your Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set, essential tools for a facial massage. Each set come with an organic spa facial towel, soft and gentle for removing product from your skin. A small ceramic dish for mixing your Face Mask products and a mini sample of Emerald Earth Facial Serum product to hydrate, nourish and repair your skin.

Emerald Earth Spa Facial Accessory Kit Includes:
* Facial Roller Tool - Rose Quartz OR Jade
* Gua Sha - Rose Quartz OR Jade
* Organic Spa Face Towel - Grey
* Small Ceramic Dish - Various Colours
* Mini Emerald Earth Serum Sample - 5ml

Facial Roller : How To Use

Use gentle, short strokes, being extra careful as you roll around the eye area. Use to help attain a more glowing complexion and smoother skin. Rose Quartz is a naturally cool stone but keeping it in the fridge will intensify the many benefits of skin cooling. Clean and dry your roller with a soft cloth after every use.

Gua Sha : How To Use

Use the smooth, cool gua sha to gently “scrape” your face (or neck area) with upward strokes to relieve muscle tension, soothe and tone your skin. The results are uplifting and rejuvenating. It’s a stimulating and feel-good experience that you’ll want to incorporate into your regular skincare regimen. Each Rose Quartz stone has natural variations and is shaped for a comfortable hold. We recommend you check out a few of the many online videos and tutorials available online to help you become a master in the art of Gua Sha.

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Spa facial accessory kit

The large tiller isn’t staying on it’s clamp so I can only use the small roller end