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botanical body care made with all natural ingredients

Botanical Body Care

Handcrafted using all natural skin loving ingredients. These Botanical Body Care products are the perfect addition to your self-care rituals.
  1. organic vanilla latte coffee body scrub
  1. summer citrus body salt scrub
  1. arnica and peppermint muscle salve
  1. natural salve for dry and sensitive skin
  1. citrus and lemongrass body oil
  1. unscented calming body oil
  1. cedar and sage body oil
  1. lavender and ylang ylang relaxing body oil
  1. Vanilla + Cocoa Body Butter Bar
  1. wild harvest rosehip and lavender body butter
  1. Natural Bug Spray
  1. natural deodorant with lemongrass and tea tree
  1. eco-friendly natural deodorant
  1. natural deodorant with lavender and orange
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  1. natural deodorant with coconut and vanilla
  1. warm vanilla spice holiday aromatherapy essential oil blend
  1. Essential Oil Blend : Alpine Forest
  1. rosehip bath and body set
  1. Calm bath and body products for sensitive skin
  1. Relax and unwind bath and body
  1. Forest Bathing : Bath & Body
  1. sports muscle bath and body products
  1. Summer Body Glow Skincare Set
  1. Vanilla Spice : Winter Skincare Essentials