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Learn About Emerald Earth and Our Founder

Our brand is created based on knowledge and experience acquired over two decades in natural health, wellness and spa industry but driven by our passion for nature and self care.
Sherrie Houghton Mission Statement for eco friendly skincare


Sherrie is qualified, inspired, passionate, and has a love for nature, holistic health and self care. She is proud to use her extensive knowledge and skills to create a line of natural skincare products and offer professional Massage & Spa Treatments.

Sherrie began her journey in the natural health industry in 2003, graduating from Southern Cross University in Australia with a Degree in Naturopathic Medicine and Massage Therapy. She has almost two decades of hands on experience, having practiced in Naturopathic Clinics, Health & Wellness Centres, Luxury Day Spa’s, Retreats, Eco Lodges and Heli Skiing Lodges. Most recently upgrading her knowledge with a certificate in formulating and creating Natural Skincare Products.

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Sherrie moved to Canada in 2009 to experience a mountain lifestyle, adventures in the great outdoor and the ever changing seasons. Discovering her qualification as a Naturopathic Doctor and Massage Therapist did not transfer to Canada, she began work in luxury spas. Often traveling and working away in remote adventure tourism lodges throughout beautiful British Columbia.

In 2019 Sherrie moved to the rural village of Valemount to be with her Fiance and be nestled amongst the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. She was inspired to become an entrepreneur and share her knowledge, experience and passion of holistic health with the Residents and Visitors alike of The Robson Valley.

Emerald Earth Organic Spa was founded in 2019. It started small as a part time hobby of crafting natural skincare and selling at local farmers markets. When the COVID Pandemic hit in March 2020, Emerald Earth became a full time small business. Alongside making and selling natural skincare products, Sherrie also opened a Spa Facility in Valemount located at the Best Western Hotel to offer her 18 years of skills and experience in massage and spa treatments.

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Working in luxury spa's throughout Canada, Sherrie noticed that something was missing from the skincare brands featured in spas. She wanted to create products that were all natural, locally made, environmentally friendly, effective, affordable and of luxurious spa quality. Her line of natural skincare products are carefully formulated to be used in both professional spa treatments, and to be taken home so every day can feel like a spa day. 



Emerald Earth products are pure and clean, handcrafted in small batches, using 100% natural and organic ingredients from the Earth. Premium botanical ingredients of flowers leaves and plant oils, raw butters, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals is goes into our products. All ingredients are sourced from certified distributers, ethically produced, fair trade, the finest and purest of natural ingredients. Our products NEVER contain chemicals, artificial ingredients, artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates or other harsh ingredients. All products are CRUELTY FREE, tested on friends and family, never on animals. Sherrie personally formulates each product, hand crafted in small batches featuring eco friendly packaging, to ensure consistent high quality and luxurious spa standards.  

Products are Pure, Clean, Eco Friendly, Cruelty Free and Hand Made with love and care in British Columbia Canada.


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Sherrie realized the benefits of self care since a young age, receiving her first massage treatment at the age of 13, and often creating DIY skincare products at home. It was a natural progression to build a career in the holistic health industry.

Sherrie is passionate about world travel, surrounding herself with natural beauty, she is an outdoor adventure enthusiast and loves good food and wine. She likes to spend her free time exploring and can often be found hiking, snowboarding, biking, canoeing and camping around the Canadian Rocky Mountains, or traveling to coastal destinations for the surf and the sun.

The various seasons, climates, nature, culture, activities and lifestyles influence and inspire her natural skincare creations.

sherrie houghton owner of emerald earth organic spa