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The Perfect Night In Package

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Picture yourself soaking in a warm bath surrounded by the aromas of Rose and Lavender while the natural bath salts ease away your muscle tension, and mineral rich clay restores your skin. This ‘perfect  night in’ package is a four course menu of nourishing, vitamin rich products that will help you to relax, unwind, and truly pamper yourself in luxury.  Follow your cleansing bath with the skin quenching and silky smooth Avocado & Apricot Body Oil, topped with a decadent treat for your lips, the Raspberry Lip Balm.  Spending the night at home never sounded so good. 

The Perfect Night In Package Includes:
* Rose & Lavender Relaxing Bath Salts
* Rose Pink Clay Face mask
* Relaxing Flower Body Oil
* Raspberry Lip Balm