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Calm Bath Soak with Calendula + Chamomile

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Soak away your stress and create a sense of tranquility, with the Calendula & Chamomile Calming Bath Soak. This soothing blend of flowers and magnesium salts helps to relieve irritated skin and ease anxious minds. Enriched with oats, your skin will feel smooth and nourished, with added moisture and hydration. Perfect for all skin types, and especially effective for dry, itchy, or irritated skin, you’re just one soak away from a calm mind and body.

SIZE: 300 g / 600 g Kraft paper pouch

Sensitive . Dry . Itchy . Irritated
Magnesium Epsom Salt
Pink Himalayn Salt
Calendula Flowers
Chamomile Flowers
Calendula Flower Oil
Chamomile Flowers Oil.
Add 1/3 cup to a warm bath, soak and relax for 30 mins. Apply our Calm Body Oil to skin after your bath for nourishing silky smooth skin.

PRO TIP: For an easy clean up put bath soak into a muslin cloth bag, then put bag in bath tub. OR use a strainer to scoop up bath petals after your bath.

Customer Reviews

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Jenna Udot
Favourite product

I’ve seriously never added anything so my bath this amazing before, it adds oats and salts and little yellow flower petals, and it makes my skin feel soooo soft.
It left my skin feeling softer for like a day after, and it always makes my baths look so so pretty.