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Relaxing Bath Salts with Lavender + Rose

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Indulge in a dreamy aromatic bath experience for your senses, with the Lavender + Rose Relaxing Bath Salts. Enriched with magnesium salts, soothing lavender and rose botanicals, you’ll feel a sense of harmony between mind, body, and soul. Suitable for all skin types, and beneficial for relaxation, sleep, and overall health and wellbeing.

You’ll feel the natural benefits of these ingredients easing your nervous system, decreasing your stress, headaches, and anxiety, while enhancing your mood and preparing you for a good night’s sleep. Enjoy a heavenly experience, with Emerald Earth Lavender and Rose Relaxing Bath Salts.

SIZE: 300 g / 600 g kraft pouch
SKIN TYPE: All skin
Magnesium Epsom Salts
Pacific Sea Salt
Pink Himalayn Salt
Lavender Flowers
Rose Flowers
Lavender Flower Oil
Ylang Ylang Flower Oil
Rose Geranium Flower Oil*
*Certified Organic Ingredients.
DIRECTIONS: Add 1/3 cup of salts to warm bath, and soak for 30 minutes.

PRO TIP: For complete relaxation and self care, give yourself a mini spa facial whilst soaking in the bath, and maybe even a glass of wine to top it off.

Customer Reviews

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Jenna Udot
Helped with my aches & pains

First off, I love lavender so so much so these were one of my favourite products from Emerald Earth.
I have inflammation in both hips and throughout my whole lower back, and Sherrie’s recipe helped my inflammation go down *immensely*.
Give them a try to help out your pains!!