Four Steps to Summer Ready Skin

Four Steps to Summer Ready Skin

Four Steps to Summer Ready Skin

Cellulite, stretch marks and dark spots? We’ve all got them!

Your body, the way it is now, is already Summer-ready and beautiful the way it is! 

However, as the temperatures rise and we’re getting ready to go on vacation (even if that means driving for an hour to the nearest lake), it always feels great to have soft, touchable skin.

By following these four steps, you’ll be looking and feeling your best in no time:


Scrub Away Dead Skin


The efficiency of your skin’s ability to restore itself depends on a number of aspects including your age, the products you’re using, and your environment.

If your skin isn’t restoring itself very quickly, it can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. This is generally when you start to notice that your skin is rough in texture and has a dull, cracked, or flaky appearance.

Luckily we have body scrubs to remove those dead skin cells and reveal the soft skin beneath. By doing so, you can unclog pores, prevent ingrown hairs, and allow your skin to absorb moisture better, leaving you with smoother and more even skin.

Grab a handful of your favourite body scrub, rub in small circular motions and then rinse off before shaving or moisturizing.

Our recommendation? Give your skin a sunshiney boost filled with citrusy scents, skin-brightening apricot oil and cleansing rosemary extract found in our Apricot & Citrus Body Scrub! 

Lock In Hydration With A Body Oil

No matter what time of the year it is, keeping your skin moisturized can be difficult. 


In the summer, exposure to the sun and the ocean can leave your skin in need of more hydration. This is where body oil comes in. Plant oils, like those found in our body oils, protect the skin's natural barrier to prevent moisture from evaporating, so your skin actually moisturizes itself.

Slathering on body oil and taking your time to rub it in can also help you work out any tired muscles or aches you have from spending your day hiking, surfing, or any other outdoor activity that you enjoy.

Our multi-use Energizing Citrus Body Oil can be used as a daily body oil, a massage oil, or as a soothing oil for your hair and scalp. This blend is enriched with Vitamin E, grapefruit, sweet orange and lemongrass essential oils for an uplifting and skin-loving experience.


Soothe & Tone Irritated Facial Skin

When the weather gets hot, we sweat. It’s our bodies’ way of staying cool, but it can also leave a buildup of dirt and oil on your skin that can lead to acne and other unwanted skin woes. 

If you’re out for a weekend of backcountry camping or for a day at the beach, your skin can feel grimy and dirty pretty fast. A cooling and soothing toner is the perfect pick-me-up that you can take with you everywhere for a quick refreshment on the go. 

When picking a toner, ensure you grab something packed with soothing, natural ingredients that won’t leave your skin parched and dry.

We love our Cucumber & Aloe Facial Toner for stressed-out complexions or skin that just needs a little reset. The combination of aloe and cucumber works to calm, soothe, and hydrate, while rose and rosemary work to cleanse, tone, and repair tired or damaged skin.

Pro tip: On your way to the beach or a sweaty day hiking in the mountains? Pop your toner in your cooler for a quick, soothing spray on the go. 


Embrace A Natural Glow


There are many reasons to add a serum to your skincare lineup with dark spot fading, anti-aging, and complexion brightening just being a few of them.


Serums are like a superfood for the skin. Potent mixtures of high-powered ingredients are crafted to deliver a healthy dose of hydration. This replenishes your skin’s oils and keeps it soft and supple. And yes, oily skin needs moisture, too!


In serums, healthy ingredients are combined in a variety of ways to offer different benefits to the skin. You can find serums for deep hydration, mature skin or drab-looking skin.


Our Radiant Glow Facial Serum is easily absorbed into the skin and creates a luxurious treatment for the delicate skin on your face, helping you to maintain its elasticity and moisture. Packed with high-impact ingredients like Olive Squalane, Avocado, Rosehip and Sea Buckthorn, this serum is rich in antioxidants and vitamins to help regenerate, hydrate and revive skin cells for a natural, radiant glow.



We have put a few of our Summer essentials into our Body Glow Package, so you can feel and look your best in time for those long, hot days. Start off with an energizing Apricot & Citrus Body Scrub to gently remove dead skin cells, and encourage new healthy skin growth.  Next, give your face a refreshing spritz of the Cucumber & Aloe Facial Toner, to soothe your skin. Finish up with the heavenly citrus aromas and nourishing benefits of the Energizing Body Oil.  


body glow gift package

Enjoy your naturally radiant and glowing skin. 

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